"This is a book about men.  Specifically, a rare type of man struck with a glittering curse: an insatiable and obsessive interest in clothing" – Natty Adams


I am Dandy - Book Trailer Video

Nathaniel Adams reads from his introduction, Photography by Rose Callahan

Produced by Rarebit Productions (Rose and Kelly Desmond Bray)

Music performed by Winston Chesterfield


Bill Cunningham dropped by the I am Dandy book party at Against Nature on Oct 20!

Lord Whimsy instructs us on the virtues of vanity.  One of seven videos for each of the so-called deadly sins for Hendricks to celebrate the impending apocalypse.


Filming with Dandy Wellington on the Upper East Side for our short video for The Dandy Portraits.

The Dandy Portraits debuts short film about Sean Crowley, the tie maven and exquisite Anglophile living in Brooklyn.  Made by by Rarebit Productions

I just like Glenn O’Brien’s take on style and whatnot.  Even though he is droll and sounds NYC jaded, he really has a heartfelt point of view worth listening to.  Also it is great to see him dressed up! 


“It’s the young executive wearing cufflinks and a tie that’s going to wind up being the CEO in thirty years. He knows who he is and is not afraid.” Glenn O’Brien

(Source:, via stylelikeu)